About our Company


Since 2004, Infosol has been dedicated to finding original and creative solutions to programming problems. Everyone who works at Infosol does so as much out of genuine interest as to collect a paycheck. Client questions usually get answered immediately because everyone is sincerely engaged with the products and dedicated to seeing that clients are informed enough to get maximum value from them.

Infosol offers a range of cutting-edge solutions, a reflection of its employees’ interests. ProvEase was developed when CEO Jurica became frustrated with performing mind-numbing repetitive tasks. Otus SIEM was a reaction to inadequate hard-to-search mail logs. For the Bitsteer group, it’s a matter of principle—if existing tools are inadequate, come up with something that really works. At Bitsteer, doing things the same old way isn’t considered a virtue!

The Bitsteer products are a testimony to the kind of quality work that results when gifted people have the freedom to truly excel.

P.S. Do you have a stubborn programming problem you haven’t been able to solve? You’re always welcome to run it by the Bitsteer group. Bitsteer loves the challenge of solving particularly thorny problems!

About Croatia

Croatia in today’s business world:

  • Croatia became a full EU member on July 1, 2013
  • Croatia is a member of NATO and the World Trade Organization
  • The Croatian education system ranked very well in a 2010 Newsweek evaluation
  • Croatia offers low labor costs and a highly skilled workforce
  • Zagreb is only a couple of hours from London via British Air’s direct flights
  • Almost everyone in Croatia speaks English

We’re probably biased, but we think Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It’s not just our opinion, though—Croatia has long been a popular travel destination. It was a favorite retirement haven for the ancient Romans. Yes, even people living in Italy wanted to move to Croatia! To see why, you must visit Split, where the Roman emperor Diocletian built a retirement palace. You may already be familiar with Diocletian’s Palace—it’s one of the filming locations for A Game of Thrones.

Croatia’s fascinating history goes back even further than that. Supposedly the Croatian town of Pula was founded when Jason and the Argonauts were fleeing with the golden fleece. When Jason escaped, his pursuers lost interest and founded a town instead.

You don’t need to be an ancient history enthusiast to appreciate what Croatia has to offer today. The Adriatic coast, the Mediterranean climate, fine food and wines—Croatia has it all. But Croatia provides more than that.

The quality of education in Croatia translates to a highly competent work force. According to a World Bank poll, more than 92% of companies doing business in Croatia are satisfied with the skills of their employees.

Our well-developed modern IT infrastructure means tech companies can thrive. The Croatian Institute of Technology, founded in 2006, facilitates communication between tech companies, entrepreneurs, and researchers, fostering a strong connection to the technological and research industries in other European countries.

What does all this mean for you? It means that Croatia offers state-of-the-art technological products at very reasonable prices. Croatia isn’t just a great tourist destination—it’s an up-and-coming player on the IT front.

Team Members

Damir Jurica


According to Jurica, founder and CEO of Bitsteer, complicated things are fun. True to his word, he thrives on knotty problems. He was the system administrator at GlobalNet for six years, but he needed more complexity in his life, so he founded his own company.

So far, Bitsteer has provided enough complexity to keep him happy, but maybe that’s because he and his coworkers challenge themselves with the toughest problems they can find. Jurica knows Python, C, Golang, Perl, Pl/SQL, PHP, Shell scripting, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, SQLite, Linux, FreeBSD, OS X, Cisco, and PIX, and just for fun he taught himself Portuguese. He’s currently teaching himself Haskell.

Jurica believes in hiring smart people who are excited enough about the possibilities of programming that they consistently come up with innovative solutions. He’s committed to making Bitsteer the kind of company where even the most talented employees aren’t bored and where everyone has an opportunity to work on genuinely interesting projects.

Jurica is an avid chess player, swimmer, and bicyclist. When he’s not working—or learning new languages—he can be found biking with his friends or exploring the islands of Croatia. He tries to visit at least two islands every year, and expects to be able to see them all in 500 years or so.

Toni Pivcevic


Toni Pivcevic is the lead programmer at Bitsteer. He began working at Bitsteer while he was still a student at the University of Zagreb, and now that he’s completed his master’s degree he works at Bitsteer full time.

Pivcevic really knows languages. He attended secondary school in Rome, so he has native-level fluency in Italian. His English is just as good. Then there are his computer languages, frameworks, and platforms: Java, Eclipse, JavaScript, SQL, MySQL, Python, Struts, Hibernate, Ant, Maven, Tomcat, Django, C, Subversion, ElasticStretch, HTML, NoSQL, Celery, JPA, Arduino, Bash, PostgreSQL, Tornado, Apache Tiles, SQLAlchemy, and SAP.

You might think that someone who’s obviously spent so much time studying wouldn’t have any interest in athletics, but in fact Pivcevic is an enthusiastic runner and bicyclist who competes in marathons and ultramarathons. He successfully competed in this doozy:


It took Pivcevic 17 hours to complete the course, but he came in 4th!

Humberto Salazar


Humberto Salazar is the senior user experience architect at Bitsteer. His specialties are HTML, CSS, XML, and Javascript. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say his specialty is artistry. He designs the look and feel of a system, the responsiveness. Salazar is detail-oriented, and as far as he’s concerned no element in a design is unimportant; every item, no matter how small, must play its part in the overall flow and coherence of the finished product.

He describes Bitsteer as being unusually client focused. Everyone at Bitsteer seems to find the environment challenging, and Salazar is no exception. It’s never boring, and that’s one of his favorite things about the company.

Salazar likes to learn about new technologies and about practically everything else. He loves Stephen King, Harry Potter, WWII movies and TV (Saving the Private Ryan, Band of Brothers), and good beer.

Jorge Garcia


Jorge Garcia, Bitsteer’s system architect, loves an intellectual challenge. He’s the kind of guy who, though he’s never played Sudoku, couldn’t resist writing a JavaScript routine that solves Sudoku puzzles. Even after sixteen years as a programmer, he still finds coming up with solutions to programming puzzles as exciting as writing something interesting in JavaScript.

Garcia knows .Net, JavaScript, HTML, Python, Django, Celery, and Elasticsearch (among many other languages!) A particular source of satisfaction for him is building sound, elegant systems from the ground up.

He finds that the work at Bitsteer can be challenging, so of course he really enjoys it—it’s such an intellectually exciting place that work is as much fun as any hobby. The horizontal structure encourages lively discussion, and the depth of knowledge means there’s always plenty to learn from fellow employees.

What does Garcia think Bitsteer does particularly well? “Real-time efficient solutions that handle huge amounts of data, providing clean, fast, and easy-to-use interfaces to customers.” He’s also impressed with the transformation in the system administrator’s role facilitated by Bitsteer products.

Garcia likes science fiction movies and reading about math. He lives with his wife, their young daughter, and a very smart dog.

Yasef Barban


Yasef Barban is our new employee, more info coming soon